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A warm welcome to the Oseax Community
Welcome to Oseax, we are going to be a modern-age online market who tackle all trading disputes with the help of our experienced staff team and the systems we can put in place to assist our users. Oseax plans to be able to give back to it's community. As our first users you guys will be able to see the ups and downs of our progress, but hopefully as we expand everything will slowly come in to place, as of now I'm busy fixing up our theme and working on our TOS as they are both very important parts of release. I'm going to be opening some competitions soon for you all to partake in. 

Is there a need for a new Marketplace?
believe that in the recent updates with technology having a forum that is self sufficient is needed, for people who are active in trading each day, and who offer all types of services but are met with a constant barrier of caution and problems. With our different methods of confirming identity and our strict rules and policies we are quite confident that we will not suffer from repeat scammers. And hopefully the punishments and results of scamming on our Market will deter the temptation that is there in the beginning for new users. It is simply not worth it. 

We've actually found fantastic opportunity with our Crypto Currency mining in browser which will be explained below, but overall by being an active member of the community you will be helping to fund a mass amount of giveaways in relation to our members, these could be in the values of thousands of pounds. That as a collective we can earn together and give back to eachother.

Why do we mine Crypto Currency while you browse?
As a modern alternative to adverts or over-priced upgrades it seems the best solution, each user sacrifices a small amount of power while browsing our site and in exchange for this we can afford to maintain and run our servers, depending on the return we may also pay our staff members as I plan to have our staff members very actively involved in community trading to ensure safety and I feel they should be rewarded for this. 

As a second to this, remaining funds will be used in giveaways to help with site promotion and growth. With a progressive income we can work together to expand the forums! The figures are quite impressive but we need to see some practical use before we can estimate real potential earnings from this. I plan to have our earnings publicized also. As the technology for this improves I hope to be able to give our users more options in the form of turning up or down the power used, for now I'm going to be keeping extremely low to not deter people away from the website and I don't plan to ever raise it above 30% as it would be silly. But I'd love to be able to give you the option to try.

Importantly noted, we are currently running at <10%.

How do you plan to tackle the Scammers/Fraudsters?
  • Private Identity Checks
  • Paypal Verification
  • 2FA / Mobile Verification
  • Trade System (in house)
  • Strict "One time only"  Trade caution Policy
  • Our "One banned - All banned" Policy

Isn't the forum Market Saturated?
Well, to put it bluntly.. No, as the world becomes more online orientated more and more people will discover new websites and content all around the world. I do not consider other forums competitors, we are all hubs of information with our own outlets of creativity and knowledge, Forums do fail, but usually because of bad leadership or directive. Hopefully with our plans we'll smash any chance of that happening. It is however extremely hard to become a giant in a snail race. I'm sure it will take us a long time to grow.

Site Currency (OSX)
I hope to have some form of web-currency in place for our users to be able to buy/sell for safe transactions. Most likely a Crypto Coin as they are quite simple to setup. This means our users will be able to purchase our currency and have an extra sense of security when using our forums. I will go more into this when I'm sure of the path I'm taking.

(Quick note we are still closed to the public - working on stuff still)
Staff member of OSX.
Staff member of OSX.

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