One Banned - All Banned
One banned - All Banned Policy.
As a new forum, Oseax will be implementing this policy to avoid scammers in the marketplace. This policy will mean if you are caught scamming and we have proof of this you will no longer be allowed to access our forums. This means all accounts and IP Address's related to the user will be banned from Oseax. Bans like these will not be lifted under any circumstances as we want our community to be scam free and a nice place for our members to trade. We have decided to implement this policy as we want Oseax to be the safest place to trade Crypto and other assests on the web.

One banned, all banned. If a member of your family/assosiation/network is accused and convicted of scamming or defrauding in any type of way. All involved parties will be removed. This is likely to be related to IP Adress or any given ID. When breaking our terms of service you give us permission to release your identity to the party who is at a loss. This member will then likely need to use these in their legal justice on any losses. We encourage anybody who has been scammed or a victim of fraud to come foward and seek help from staff members in resolving the issue, and we will do our best to help you.

Proof of no involvement
If you can prove you had no involvement in a ban and you are identified as another person than the policy breaker you will be given the chance to register and attempt to pass our verification on this. We reserve the right to deny you, if we do not feel you have proven enough for our staff members to feel safe in letting you join the community you will be denied, and further banned. For more help on this please contact staff.