Marketplace Sector
Oseax are not responsible for any loss while trading on our marketplace. We ensure you that we do the best we can to keep you from the possibility of a bad transaction, but we cannot guarantee. Please follow these rules to increase the chance that all your transactions will be processed in the best possible way. We hope that by creating staff interaction and a healthy community disputes will not occur as often. Technology has given us the options we need to assist in a fair trades users are not required to ever posses or hand in Identity Proofs, but if willing it is possible to receive a certain level of trust by associating yourself with the community. Your identity will only be released if you are in summon for an ill transaction.

By offering services like Official Verified Middle-Men we hope to reduce the amount of loss related with using an online Market. All staff members are here to serve the public. If you have any enquirers or need any help or advice during a trade please do not be afraid to contact us, we're here to help. Our rules are strict only to prevent loss, if you are found guilty of bad trade you will be given a chance to resolve your problem before termination. But this is no excuse, and it will not be stood for. Please read these rules carefully so that you are never victim to punishment.

1. No Carding or Fraud including PayPal
We are against theft in general, we do not permit the sale or production of anything that relates to carding, your account will be terminated with no warnings if you are found doing this, no exceptions.

2. No Branded and Stolen Content
Using work created and copyrighted by other persons is strictly prohibited, if you are caught in the act of doing this you are liable to complete suspension.

3. No Sales thread Bumping
Purposeful bumping of your own thread may lead to your thread being terminated or result in a warning on your account, please note that you are allowed to post thread updates if they are proven to have relevance to your service, this is not an issue.

4. No Sales thread Vouching
Vouches are to be left in a users reputation, vouches are only validated by a purchase of a product or service, if you are found to be leaving reputation that is misleading, or in violation of our reputation rules you will be removed please see our Reputation Rules for more on this.

5. No Sales thread Trashing
Trashing a thread in any way is completely prohibited. If you have an issue or problem with a product or service, please created a thread in the Complaints section with full detail of your issue and proof that you have reason to believe your accusations true. You will be silenced if you are negative in a public thread. If a user is doing a dis-service our team will resolve this issue with your help.