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Trade Reputation Explained in Detail
Okay, one big thing that has been a large issue on many forums is reputation abuse. I see no reason to give a user reputation unless you have a positive trade history with them and are genuinely satisfied with services. I will be enforcing and re-forming the general reputation into a Trade Based system, which means each reputation point to be considered valid must represent a trade. Below I'll give some simple examples on what will be considered a valid reputation and what is not. Reputation is to be taken very seriously. It can be easily abused and used in the wrong way. Hopefully with our help and the enforcement of this system we can stay away from this issue.

Examples of a Positive Trade Rep:
All Trade Reputations must include a link to the corresponding deal between users, or some form of service, sale. Any reputations that do not include a link of representation should be reported to staff.

[Image: F2Qj2kZ.png]
[Image: r310pQY.png]

Negative Trade Rep:
Negative trade reputation follows the same system, any negative reputation you leave on a user must contain a link to a deal dispute, or proof of your accusation, failure to comply with this may lead to your own reputation being removed for abuse.

Neutral Comments:
Neutral comments are completely allowed. No link is needed, no reference to any trade, you may leave any comment you wish that is non-marketplace related. This shows your general appreciation for a user without influencing deals.

Will expand on this more soon, but please use this as your baseline.
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